Rachel Meddowes' Room

Click on the items in the room to see a full description. Stylist Rachel Meddowes has created a classic child’s room – a traditional nursery in its architectural context with a Mary Poppins feel complete with a vast Sugar Pot to make sure that the medicine goes down la. la, la, and a giant bunny adding a touch of Alice in Wonderland surrealism. Rachel's selection shows what is on offer at auction houses and design shops globally for children. Vintage posters are a great way to decorate a child’s room without succumbing to cute characters which might date quickly or be outgrown. The poster for Favor by the Bellenger twins is an example of an item which can be acquired relatively cheaply and is likely to hold its value over time.

Jacques and Pierre Bellenger b 1909 were twin brothers who studied at the Académie Julian, won a poster competition in 1928 and then worked together for the rest of their lives. They produced posters for some major companies including Bally, Quinquina Bourin as well as the bicycle and car manufacturer, Favor. Product posters are still sought after today both for their visual appeal and their importance to 20th century poster and graphic design.

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Rachel Meddowes’ Room Frame
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