Q&A With Adam Bray

What do you most like about your work?
A happy customer

Where would you most like to live and why?
My fantasy – to live on an Island in the Saronic gulf near Athens perhaps on Hydra, a place for family and friends; Heat. Somewhere peaceful, to live and eat very simply

What would you love to collect – money no object?
I don’t collect anything but if I did, it would be Early 20th century jewellery and Late 19th century Photography

What do you most dislike in design and furniture?
Irony, intellectualised design, the cult of ‘design’ furniture, not quite sure what it means or how you live with it.

Which designer do you most admire?
I love early works of art. An hour or two in the Cloisters in NYC or The Musée Cluny in Paris is always a source of total inspiration. Both the complexity and simplicity of the decoration and the devotional aspect of the work by these now anonymous artisans is truly inspiring. In terms of decorating? I think artists houses are generally the most interesting but if I was going to pay someone, maybe Mongiardino for the pure mad luxe and romance of it.

If your house burnt down and you only could carry out one thing, what would be?
A small primitive 17th Century tortoiseshell picture frame with a fading 10 year old polaroid of my sons playing on the swings in Regents Park

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