The Photographers’ Gallery | Deutsche Borse prize

The dark, thundering London skies on Monday night could not dampen the vibrant colours, throbbing within the 4th floor of the Photographers’ Gallery. The work of Richard Mosse has immediate impact: the subject matter, the size, the colours. In front of a packed gallery Richard Mosse was awarded the Deutsche Borse prize for The Enclave. Mosse, on receiving the prize cheque of £30,000 announced that he would use the money to be able to continue his travels and work in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

I was also drawn to the gentle and soft-textured images of Jochen Lempert, reminiscent of the work of late19th, early 20th Century photographer Karl Blossfeldt. 11th April – 22 June 2014 – The Photographer’s Gallery 16-18 Ramailles Street, London