Lulu Lytle & Soane Britain I English Style par excellence

Lulu Lytle has worked on Pimlico Road for exactly half her life; initially working for an antique dealer and subsequently co-founding Soane with Christopher Hodsoll in 1997. Lulu studied Egyptology at University College London where she indulged her passion for museums, libraries and small cafes. A keen interest in British manufacturing inspired a summer of travel around Britain to meet craftsmen practicing prized skills such as fine chair making, iron forging, precision engineering and saddlery. It was with many of these craftsmen that Soane developed its first collection of  furniture; lighting and textiles.

SEAWEED LIFESTYLE 13-lr Soane Britain Pop Up Visual-lr BUNNY SOFA LIFESTYLE 5-lr

Lulu has a broad design aesthetic, with wide ranging passions from Primitive Art, Classical Antiquities and Ottoman architecture to textiles, exuberant gardens and birds and beasts; particularly loving the animal-like tension of a really good piece of furniture. Soane’s designs are all are made in Britain, the result of a collaborative relationship between Soane’s design studio; their clients and the workshops.

Lulu is married with three children and lives in West London.


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