Jean Philippe Lenclos – Master of Colour

The modern obsession with paint colours, the trend for bold, colourful ‘super-graphics’ which adorn public spaces and our interest in the emotional effect of colour on our wellbeing, may very well stem from the work of the French designer Jean Philippe Lenclos.

In 1960, Lenclos finished his artistic training in Tokyo. It was here that he became inspired by the way in which colour is applied according to the resources and climate of an area as well as its social and cultural landscape, and the symbolisms that then become associated with certain colours. What particularly struck him was the dramatic contrast between the materials and shades used for Japanese roof tiles – varying from the green/grey of slate to paper and wood- and the warm red brick of Northern France which he was used to.

Following this experience, Lenclos became intrigued by colour and founded Atelier 3D Couleur in 1978, a workshop advising companies, municipalities and architects on how to integrate colour into the design of products and buildings. Lenclos is now recognised worldwide as a ‘new kind of artist required by modern society: a colour designer’.

Collectionet’s wonderful graphic designer Minouche Daniels – who creates our vibrant rooms, worked with Jean Phillipe Lenclos in the mid 1980s.

Today, a hundred and thirty works of the French designer-colourist are now in the permanent collection at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.