September sales kick off – Collectionet new room Frame
  • Beautiful bound collection of Cyanotypes by Xinhao Cheng @gasworkslondon collaborating with RCA CCA second year students - who established residence at Gasworks for the duration of 8 months. Working with the artists in residence they have created a temporary research studio, culminating in a series of events and workshops this weekend - check out their Instagram @gasworkscuratorialresidents The blue of the Cyanotypes created in China is deeper than the blue colour of the Cyanotypes exposed in London, because of the typical grey London light.
“Here shows some pages of my unfinished book Foreign Plants in Yunnan. It contains more than 20 plants in Yunnan, but they originate in Europe. They were brought to Yunnan as horticultural plants, as vegetables, or they just spread in accidentally with wind, with animals or with the intercontinental trades. Cheng Xinhao @royalcollegeofart @gasworkscuratorialresidents @gasworkslondon
  • Textural, vibrant and uplifting - so lucky to catch Anna Ray’s ‘Tassel’ at Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden - shortlisted for the Cordis Prize, the worlds largest award for contemporary tapestry - looking stunning at Inverleith House @rbgedinburgh @cordisprize @annarayart #contemporaryweaving #contemporarytapestry #inverleithhouse #edinburgh #edinburghbotanicgardens #tassel #installation #pink #yellow #orange #red #crraft #textiles
  • #shoreditchstreetart #clockworkorange
  • From the archive - Paris 1990 - Art student days. I have no idea who this young Parisian boy is, but he was curious about us sketching in the streets. Hand Developed and printed in the darkroom #blackandwhitephotography #paris #portrait #streetphotography #artschoolstudent #photograph #student #foundationcourse #nikon #darkroom #photography #parisian
  • The Future is bright - certainly through the eyes of our next generation of artists - proud to see my 5 year old nephew exhibiting at the Royal College of Art, London - part of the Young Art competition for young kids in aid of Cancer Research Uk @royalcollegeofart Kensington 30th April - 3rd May 2019 #youngartists #artistsoftomorrow @toungartCRUK #paintng #creative
  • Friday feeling! Simply wonderful “tribe” of people captured in fluid watercolours, full of movement and life - from the brilliant Underworld exhibition @dcadundee #davidausten #watercolour David uses many different forms of media in his practice, his watercolours sing - the show is on until the 9th June #dundee #contemporaryartist